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06/01/19 Porland, OR at FICA Capoeira Angola Portland
06/02/19 Eugene, OR at Sweet Cheeks Winery
06/05/19 Ashland, OR at Grizzly Peak Winery
06/06/19 Aracata, California at House Concert
06/07/19 Santa Rosa, CA at House Concert Santa Rosa
06/08/19 San Francisco, CA at Red Poppy Art House
06/09/19 Nevada City, CA at The Stone House
06/13/19 Laramie, WY at Wyoming Public Radio
06/14/19 Cheyenne, WY at House Concert
06/17/19 Casper, WY at The Lyric
06/19/19 Buffalo, WY at House Concert Buffalo
06/21/19 Billings, MT at Montana Gallery
06/23/19 Bozeman, MT at The Cikan House
06/24/ 19, Montana at The Murray Bar
06/25/19 Helena, MT at 1+1=1 Gallery