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All About Terrence Rosnagle

Born in Pasadena, California and raised in the Los Angeles area  Terrence first learned the fundamentals of music on the saxophone while in grade school.  All the while there was an old guitar in the house with only one string.  All the songs he learned on the saxophone in band class he taught himself to play on that one string guitar.  Finally, one summer while in high school he took that guitar to the local music shop and had the other five strings put on... and that is when it all really started.  Complete love and dedication to the guitar!

Initially inspired by Delta Blues and  Rock and Roll, Terrence played these styles in bands through high school and college.  Then, fueled by his wanderlust to see the world, Terrence became fascinated by the rhythms and melodies of different musics around the world.

Terrence has since lived and studied in several cities around the world soaking up the musical language, rhythms, and techniques of styles such as Flamenco, Samba and Bossa Nova, Choro, Tango, Classical guitar, Cumbia, and Son.

All of this knowledge culminated in 2012 when he met musicians Caitlin Belem and Sam Esecson in Seattle, Washington and formed the Brazilian/Latin band, Maracuja. Together they recorded 3 albums, gave workshops, and toured throughout the Western US.

A few of the important maestros and mentors in Terrence's musical education:

Terrence has studied flamenco guitar with Jose Ignacio Franco and El Carbonero in Jerez de La Frontera and Adam Del Monte in Los Angeles. He has studied Classical guitar with Chilean master Eulogio Devalos. 

In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil he has studied percussion and rhythm with the great percussionist Macambira. Also in Salvador He studied Brazilian guitar with Daniel Veloso. 

 He has also studied Harmony, Composition and  Tango guitar with the master composer and guitarist Julian Graciano in Buenos Aires.

Terrence has studied with Steve Erquiaga at The Jazz School in Berkeley California

Terrence Holds a BA in Anthropology from Humboldt State University and received a Multiple Subjects Teaching credential from California State University Hayward

Terrence has also taught Art, Social Science, and 5th grade for the Oakland Unified School District in Oakland, California.

Terrence currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana where he teaches and performs.  He feels privileged to live in a city whose musical traditions, musical families, and culture have played such an important role in the development of all modern music.

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